Released January 1, 2006

“From the ashes of almost famous Melbourne ‘90s pop act the Earthmen come Strip For Cash. The wilderness years have seen frontman Nick Batterham continue to refine his clever mix of inspiration and ideas. More loose and laid back than the Earthmen, Strip For Cash’s debut album was recorded in three days. It was a productive 72 hours, capturing the country-tinged lament rock of Love Won’t Desert You, and the spritely What You Don’t Know channels ‘70s AM radio. The weary but wonderful Don’t Give Me Love shows Batterham’s pop sensibilities remain sharp. If they were a hip US band they’d be fawned over. Instead, you’ll have to discover SFC yourself.” - Cameron Adams – Herald Sun, Hit Magazine

All songs written by Nick Batterham
Produced by Nick Batterham & Jimi Maroudas
Recorded & mixed by Jimi Maroudas
Mastered by Ross Cockle
Cover drawings by Darcy McFall
SFC logo by Joanne Birtchnell

Nick Batterham : vocals, guitar, keyboard
Jethro Woodward : bass, mandolin, backing vocals
Nicholas Murray : guitar, backing vocals
Jake Cartwright : clarinet, whistling
Craig Mitchell : drums
Andrew Batterham : trombone