Released April 3, 2018

"Hot Album. Nick Batterham sure can write about love. Love in all its beauty and joy, as well as its sadness and sorrow. His fifth solo album swings from grim to gorgeous. "The Prince of Pascoe Vale" has delivered a deep, dark gem. " - Jeff Jenkins,

"14 sumptuous titles, subtly orchestrated, with bright harmonies on the voice of Nick who breathes poetic charm in every word... Nick Batterham's writing is currently one of the best on the international indie scene. Golden Boy is epithelial, authentic, fits in the intimate, embraces and becomes a monument of delicacy." - Marie-Agnes Halle, Piggledypop, France

All songs written and recorded by Nick Batterham, except No Excuses written by Nick Milwright and Nick Batterham.

Guest performers:- Nick Murray, Ralf Rehak, Craig Mitchell, Erica Menting, Jethro Woodward, Andrew Batterham, Gareth Skinner, Nick Milwright.

Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe.

Design by Jo Birtchnell