Released August 1, 2013

"Nick Batterham’s self-recorded and produced sophomore album has a lot to say, sweeping from themes of self-deprecation, to optimism, to confusion, to self-exploration. Themes are easily detected due to his ability to change his vocal sound to convey emotion: soft and delicate for Out Of Control, controlled and assured for Tall And Pretty. The duet between Batterham and Amaya Laucirica for Own Worst Enemy is a stunning demonstration of his songwriting abilities, while the echoing effects of Last Point highlight his production prowess – a full and rewarding journey.' - Jazmine O’Sullivan -

"Inventive, moody and engaging..." - Dave Stevens - The Age

Written and recorded by Nick Batterham.

Guest performers:- Nicholas Murray, Jethro Woodward, Ida Duelund Hansen, Amaya Laucirica, Craig Mitchell, Darcy McFall, Matt Vance.

Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering.